We Teach School students to play bridge

     Teachers are our heroes who bring bridge directly to the kids. Whether in after school enrichment programs, in classes or mentoring at community centers or bridge clubs, bridge is reaching the next generation. Our heartfelt thanks to all our greater Seattle area Volunteer Teachers. These are the people who go to our schools and inspire out students to learn and enjoy our sport for years to come. They mentor, laugh, share stories and have fun too. Our wonderful teachers for the past several years and now:

   Ann Romeo, John Weinberg, Bill Bumpas, Shirley Johnson, Barbara Nist, Patti McCallum, Judy Dubester, Wayne English, Tony Marshall, Nancy Lucht, Brian Earl, Theo Borol,  David Taylor, Steve Lewis, Roger Lowe, Roberta Forster, Barbara McHarg, Mary & Marty McCune, Carol Schroeder, Bernard Mann, Alan Tesler, Robbie Reaber, Don and Pat Logerwell, Jim Rush, George Marx, John Simms, Victor Bremson,  David Dailey, David Skover, Steven M. Lewis, Theresa Eck, Judy Mock, Greg Herman, Roger Cai, Bill Campbell, Sylvia Bailey, Anne Farmer, Al Bender, Allyson Welsh, Hugh Hendrickson and many others from ACBL Unit 446.  

   We are grateful to the many people who help in the classrooms and with our other school activities, including lunchroom demonstrations, PTSA presentations, and Family night events. Special Thanks to our Directors at our Happy Holidays Tournament and our Annual Spring School Bridge League Tournament.





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School days, school days...

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